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Addiction Consultants in Recovery

Julian Toy H.S.C. Direct Line : 905-866-7301



Any and all recommendations offered by Addiction consultants in Recovery are based on The Disease Model of Addiction that has helped millions of people around the world Recover from a hopeless state of mind and body.

There are other models and methods of Addiction treatment that may differ from this model. If you do not agree with the viewpoints presented here you are encouraged to research different models and/or methods of Recovery from addiction that may help you.

Health-Related Content Disclaimer:

Health related topics found on or are not for diagnosing purposes or a substitute for medical advice. As with any new or ongoing treatment, always consult your professional health care providers before beginning any new treatment. It is your responsibility to research the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of all opinions, services, and other information found on the site, and to consult with your professional health care provider as to whether the information can benefit you. Addiction Consultants in Recovery @ or assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequence resulting directly or indirectly for any action or inaction you take based on or made in reliance on the information, services, or materials on or linked to this site.

While Addiction Consultants in Recovery @ and makes every reasonable effort to present current and accurate information, no guarantee of any kind is made. Therefore, Addiction Consultants in Recovery @ and and is not liable for any damage or loss related to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any information contained on this site.

Link Disclaimer:

Any links to external Web sites and/or non or pages, are provided as a courtesy. They should not be construed as an endorsement by or or Addiction Consultants in Recovery of the content or viewpoints of the linked material.

Any information provided by Addiction Consultants in Recovery @ and on this web site should not be considered medical advice. The concepts offered are for general information only. Consult with your personal health care practitioner regarding any applicability to your particular situation

Separate Agency Disclaimer

Addiction consultants in Recovery will at individuals or company’s request make suggestions or recommendations on the appropriate course of action in each individual case of substance abuse. This could involve referrals to treatment and detoxification centers, referrals to a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or hospital or recommendation to attend to a Twelve Step Program. In some cases the police may need to be contacted to ensure the safety of the afflicted person and the public. In any or all of these cases Addiction Consultants in Recovery cannot be held responsible for the action or inaction of these separate agencies.

Recommendation Disclaimer

At Addiction Consultants in Recovery we do our utmost to ensue any recommendations or suggestions given will be clear and direct always with the intention to assist the addicted person and the person and/or company using our services. As recommendations of any kind are based on the individual's/persons/company's interpretation of them we cannot be held responsible for action taken or not taken based on any recommendations given to any company, individual or person.

Further since alcoholism and drug addiction are serious illnesses that are often characterized by repeated return to drinking and or drug use Addiction Consultants in Recovery offers no guarantees express or implied that any of the suggestions or recommendations given will arrest the Disease of Addiction or help the addicted person in any way whatever.

If you are having an immediate problem and need help please contact your local Ambulance or Police Service by dialing 911.