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Addiction Consultants in Recovery

Julian Toy H.S.C. Direct Line : 905-866-7301

Supervisor Addiction Training ©

Identify, Intervene, Document.

Learning outcomes for Supervisor Addiction Training ©.

Learning Outcomes being updated please call for details.

Employee Addiction Awareness

Training ©

This module is carefully designed to create self-reflection and possible self-referral in employees who have a moderate to severe Substance Use Disorder.*

Learning outcomes for Employee Addiction Awareness Training ©.​

* Julian Toy and Addiction Consultants in Recovery offer no guarantees of any kind either express or implied that employee self-referral and/or Recovery will occur. The training gives the employee the information they require if they need, want or choose to pursue 12 Step Recovery from a moderate to severe Substance Use Disorder. The employee may continue to use substances even after self-reflection and/or self-referral to any program, treatment or group,12 Step or otherwise.